The Story...

A cataclysmic disaster destroys all life in a 100-mile radius of a research facility.

7 years later a lone scientist from the facility walks out of the quarantine zone, terrified, but without a scratch.

As security teams are sent to track down more unexplained movement in the Quarantine Zone, an MI5 officer is tasked with interrogating the lone scientist – How did he get there? Where has he been for 7 years? Why is he desperately trying to get back in to the quarantine zone and why is he talking about the end of everything we know?

The Film...

A dark sci-fi thriller for fans of Stranger Things, Dark, X Files and Black Mirror. 

Debut feature of a production company who have produced over 1000 commercials over 12 years.

Filmed in UK with a commitment towards diversity in cast & crew while providing opportunities for technicians and acting talent outside major film making cities.

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